Education Standing Committee


Me with Represent!


Big Ocean Women against HB 246


The audience


Rep Marie Poulson testifying for HB 201- I am in support of this bill


Education Committee meeting was very busy today.

HB164 Educational Testing Amendments had a last minute third substitute which was 39 pages long. It was held in committee.
12744123_1240113922684560_9204557284461463100_nHB246 Reproductive Health Amendments was killed in committee 11-2 with Reps Moss and Poulson for the bill.

HB201 Student Testing Amendments passed, which would not allow end of level SAGE assessment scores to count for teacher evaluation passed.

There were so many wonderful people lined up to represent & to testify.

On Twitter:

50-70 people want to speak on the comprehensive sex education bill. #utpol -@cboyack


Twin lines form to speak for/against Sex Ed. #uted#utpol - Benjamin Wood


In the media: 

Committee rejects comprehensive sex education bill


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