Interviewed by FOX 13 News – HB0164

Our family was interviewed today by FOX13 News . Two unique segments aired at 5 and 9 PM.  We are opposed to HB0164 for several reasons:12650823_1222516874444265_1818533584864808963_n

  • Utah's SAGE test has not scientifically proven to be reliable or valid
  • Data is collected and shared each time a student logs on to a practice portal to practice
  • Formative and interim testing would not be covered under the new changes to HB0164
  • It challenges parental rights which are guaranteed by Utah's State Constitution and code
  • High stakes testing places unfair burdens on teachers. Their salary and school performance is linked to student scores on standardized tests.
  • Some students experience test anxiety
  • Special needs students are required to test and parents should have option to opt them out
  • Teachers can tie SAGE test scores to grades and the ability to progress in grade level according to the new proposed legislation. SAGE is adaptive and we are not even sure what it measures at this point since parents and teachers can't see the full test
  • Incentives can be used to encourage students where before they were prohibited



SALT LAKE CITY -- SAGE, Utah's standardized test, is sparking more concern as a proposed bill is making its way through this legislative session.

HB0164 makes amendments to state standardized testing that would make it so test results could impact grades and also determine if a student moves to the next grade. It also puts restrictions on what parents can opt children out of, and it also allows educators to provide incentives for students taking the test.

"I feel like it's unfair. It's unfair to students, and it's unfair to teachers," said Heather Gardner, a mother of five, who opposes the proposed changes.

"Parents have the primary right and responsibility for the education, care and custody of their children, and the state should be secondary in that role, and I feel like this bill is essentially reversing that," Gardner said.

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