H.B.221 -Immunization of Students Amendments

12715645_1236413589721260_2522419983372112665_n 12717449_1236413566387929_3560725733093146536_n 12728986_1236413626387923_1556877176029043757_n 12742252_1236413613054591_1246565573352717632_n 12742739_1236413573054595_5334657164262242976_nH.B.221 -Immunization of Students Amendments came before the House Health And Human Services Committee this morning. It was held in committee and will come back on the agenda for a third time after much discussion. The way the bill is heading it will require an online education module for parents who do not vaccinate to be viewed 3 times during pre-12 years, as well as exemption form from health department for public, private, day care and public school students.http://le.utah.gov/~2016/bills/static/HB0221.html

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