Constituent Concern Over Candidate Definition in Utah


What makes one a candidate under current Utah code?
Utah Code Title 20A Chapter 11 Part 1 Section 101 (4) defines a candidate (4) "Candidate" means any person who:
(a) files a declaration of candidacy for a public office; or
(b) receives contributions, makes expenditures, or gives consent for any other person to receive contributions or make expenditures to bring about the person's nomination or election to a public office.…
One of our constituents just published an article today siting concerns of favoritism in Davis County

"We expect public servants to be fair and impartial. Does it always happen? Probably not.We expect elections to be run fairly, with equal opportunity for all candidates. Does that always happen? Probably not. Is it happening now in Davis County? You be the judge"- via The Advocate

Read the full article here:

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