Endorsement From Fellow DCFS Worker

Heather received a new endorsement from Maggie Westers, MSW today:

"I worked alongside Heather Gardner at the Division of Child and Family Services in West Valley City. Heather and I collaborated occasionally on cases, and also shared an office during that time at our agency.

Heather's work in foster care and permanency cases involved her meeting directly with families in need, many times in their own homes. She was a very patient and caring social worker who would spend hours on the phone and in person helping clients cope with very difficult situations.

Heather is also bilingual in Spanish, so those in our office often relied on her skills to help us when we had language barriers with our own clients. She was also very accepting and respectful when working with people who shared different values than her own.

I know as a mother herself Heather has continued be an advocate for the children and families of Utah. Heather would be an tremendous asset and a strong, capable voice for the people of Utah through her service in the Utah Senate."

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