Useful Links and City Council Meeting Summary

Heather attended a candidate orientation and City Council meeting last night.

West Bountiful is a six member Council with 3 votes needed to pass resolutions.

State Auditor reports, budgets and financial statements can be read at

Expenditures and payroll for each city can be found at

Public notices at

Summerfest will be coming to Bountiful August 9-12th

There were four resolutions considered including a land lease with Verizon wireless, enacting the 2017/2018 budget, a lease agreement with Zions Bank, and a golf cart purchase. WB switched property, liability and workers comp insurance providers to URMA.

Police reported emergency preparedness has purchased an additional trailer. Heroin, DUI, possession cases largest portion of crime right now. City has amazing crossing guards.

Public Works reported 880 W. will have open trenching through backyards. Pipeline project at golf course may be ongoing until October.

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